Google Hummingbird Update 2013


Google latest Update Adds a Hummingbird


‘Hummingbird’ is the latest Google update to it’s search engine

Finally, even though many of us have suspected it for some time now, Google announced on the 26th Sept 2013 that they have released their latest update to the Google search. Called Hummingbird because in Google’s words it is “precise and fast” it has SEO guys in a tail-spin wondering just what effect it will have on their clients sites – and just what they will do about it!Well as far as I can make out so far, if your sites have not been affected over the last month or so, then their seems to be nothing to worry about. The fact is that although it was only announced on the 26th, it has in fact been in operation for the last few weeks.

What is Hummingbird aimed at?

Basically it is an updated version of Google conversational search (which went live on Google Chrome in May 2013), meaning that it is far more precise in leading an inquirer towards the exact page on a site, and not just the site itself. This is achieved by analysing the complete page more precisely, to evaluate what the content of the page is truly all about, thereby achieving a more accurate response to the inquiry – at least that is the intention.

No doubt that as the days pass, and SEO guys like myself are feverishly searching for more information on this latest update, then indeed we should all become more informed (or confused) regarding its precise effect; thereby enabling in turn perhaps some hasty alterations to content in order to comply.

Anything To Worry About ?

In my own opinion – not really; it is only an example of what we have known for some time now – long-tail phrases are definitely more important now than ever before in convincing Google that your page is indeed truly relevant to their customers search term. All it means is that more emphasis must be placed on the complete content of a page, and also off-page backlinking must take into account the Hummingbird update. In other words we must continue to do what we have (hopefully) been doing for some time now. Instead of just using anchor text like ‘google hummingbird’ we should include it in a complete sentence about the latest update to the Google algorithm – common sense really, and something that any informed SEO company should have been doing for some time now.

Ok Google – you hum it and I’ll play it 🙂


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