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Google updates their Page Rank

At last! And despite rumours that the Google PR system had been abolished – it’s back! Just a few days ago (dec 6th) Google astounded the SEO gurus by rolling out their updated PR toolbar. Some thought they had abolished it entirely, while others thought they would wait until the new year. Google however had other ideas (as usual) and ‘stole a march’ on everyone.

So what exactly does this mean for your web site rankings? To be honest – not a lot. The fact is the  page rank has never had much to do with your position in the SERPS, even though there is some argument to say that the higher PR sites SEEM to be more favoured than low or zero sites.

The truth is that the PR rating of a site is of more value to SEO guys like myself, who seek to build backlinks from high authority sites in order to get more attention from the search engines. Without the PR rating, it becomes more difficult (though not impossible by any means) to determine a sites suitability for linking to/from. Some people would like to see the page ranking system abolished completely – I’m not one of them 😉

The effect on my own sites has thankfully been great, with most of them going up in page rank (phewww) somewhat embarrassingly however, this new site has stayed where it is – nowheresville 😕  However it will take a few days for the effect to filter through, so maybe…..

More interestingly though is the fact that my highest ranking sites, are in fact doing worse in the SERPS than the lower ranks..just to prove the point – PR does not really mean much when it comes to actual search engine rankings.

Here is what our friend Matt Cutts – Google’s spokesman says about it all..

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