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Google PR update 6/12/13

Whether you live and operate your business in Edinburgh or Timbuktu – If you are still using the same old SEO tactics post Hummingbird and Panda 2.1 that Google implemented Sept-Oct 2013, then prepare yourself for a ‘Google Slap’ – if you have not already experienced one! Old  ‘Keyword Stuffing’ and spammy link-building tactics have seen thousands of previously high ranking websites drop off the radar, as Google replaces them with sites more atuned to their new search algorythm. Has your site experienced a massive drop in ranking? maybe it has fallen foul of the ‘new rules’ of the game, in which case you may need some help…

NEW – Panda 4 Update…

Who Am I?

My name is James Paris and I operate RSS Web Solutions;  a local Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy business based on the outskirts of Edinburgh Scotland, that offers bespoke advice for ranking domains for search terms on Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines. Although specialising in Local search,  we handle requests and offer advice to companies at a local & International level.

Here Is What We Offer:

  • After a FREE consultation with yourself, where we can discuss your requirements; we will then (upon acceptance of our services) fully appraise your site, and offer advice on improvement’s that can be made to improve your visibility in Google, Yahoo, Bing and numerous other search engines.

    Edinburgh SEO

    Good SEO is Essential for search engine rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • We will research your industry for keywords that you may like to rank for, and present you with a list of highly relevant keywords and monthly search numbers on Google.
  • Evaluate the level of competition for your chosen keywords, and offer our expert advice on ranking possibilities.
  • On acceptance of our SEO package, we will get to work and concentrate on one thing only – getting your site ranked as high as possible!

What…no promise of no 1 on Google search!! Let us be clear at this point – no-one who is telling you the truth can promise you no1 ranking on any search engine. The search engine’s belongs to the owners, and as such are subject to their (ever changing) rules.

However…for those of us who stay ahead of the game – no1 is always the target!

What Exactly Is SEO All About ?

On-page Search Engine Optimisation is all about structuring your site to enable it to rank high in the search engines, in order to gain the maximum benefit from organic searches – that much should be obvious to anyone involved in internet marketing. However the ‘rules of engagement’ have now changed significantly and there is an inherent danger in this, in fact there have been many sites relegated to the nether regions of Google simply because they have had their pages optimised according to the ‘Old’ ways.

1000 word articles, 5% keyword distribution, underline, highlight and italics..yada yada yada – utter nonsense according to the new rules of the game. These tactics are now a perfect way to line yourself up for a ‘Google Slap’ for over optimisation and ‘keyword stuffing.’

Off-page website optimisation has what is now regarded as the more important role to play in the present 2013 climate, it is the work performed ‘behind the scenes’ that when done properly, can be extremely effective in pushing your website to the top of the Search Engines. This is our speciality, and is an area where we are confident in offering the service offered below.

Has your website dropped off the charts lately for your main keywords? Have your traffic/sales diminished to unacceptable levels? Let us help you.

Why Should You Be Interested?

Profits – pure and simple: Good business is based on profit – no profit = no business! Good SEO means that you will be found on Google, which in turn means that you will get the traffic needed, which in turn can be converted into more sales. Once upon a time, back in the day, I ran several retail shops. One thing I quickly learned is that if you have no customers through your door; then you make no money!

Your website is your shop-front; in this digital age, if you cannot be found on the Google search, then it’s equivalent to having the shutters down on your shop; you’re in there, the lights are on – but no-one can see you!

A Quick Test:

Here’s something to quickly try for yourself. Think of your biggest profit-maker, or the item or service you would like most to promote; then simply type the name  into the google search bar….are you there? Hmmm – the business you see at the no 1 spot ? They are getting about 45% of ALL THE  TRAFFIC that visits that page! Why shouldn’t that be you?

So What Is The Cost Of This SEO Service?

Initial consultation is free, thereafter and upon acceptance of our services, there is a one-off payment for the appraisal and evaluation of your website and ranking possibilities. This is Fully Deductible from any on-going contract to employ our services.

Every case has to be judged on it’s own merit, and costs depend very much on the degree of competition you are up against, which in turn is usually related to the demand for your particular keyphrase. For this reason it is impossible to give an estimate at this stage – please contact us for a no-obligation chat regarding your requirements.

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If you would like more information on just what we could do for your internet visibility, or would like to take advantage of our SEO Consultancy package, then please Contact Us Here